Special Needs Questionaire

The Faith Formation Office would like to make St. Alphonsus Parish (PSR, RCIA, Sunday School, etc.) more inclusive for all families. The presence of a disability in ourselves, friends and family members can make church attendance or involvement difficult. In addition to accommodations for physical disabilities, other disabilities may require special help.

Please assist us in learning more about how St. Alphonsus can help meet the needs of all our parishioners by completing this short questionnaire.
Do you or a family member have a disability that affects attendance at church or the Parish School of Religion?  
Please tell us about any special needs that are experienced by you or your family member  
Would you or a member of your family benefit from additional special services in the Parish School of Religion?  
Please tell us more abut the specific accommodations required.  
Does this individual currently receive special services in his/her school community? If yes, specify what specific services are received.  
* How can we contact you? (Insert phone number or email)  
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